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A special welcome for newcomers and visitors!

Whether you're new to Judaism, or you're hoping to deepen your Jewish commitment ... whether you're considering a move to the Roanoke Valley, or you're a Roanoke or New River Valley area resident exploring the benefits of Temple affiliation ... we've got resources to answer your questions!

If you have school-age children ...
Jewish Community Preschool
Jewish Community Religious School
Hebrew School
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training
Youth Groups
Jewish Summer Camps (Noar & Kayitz)

If you want to learn more about Reform Jewish worship, beliefs, values, and traditions ...
Shabbat Services
Festivals and Holidays
How We Worship
Our Torah Scrolls
Our Rabbi
Lifecycle Events
Interfaith Resources

If you're looking to meet people …
Adult Education
Special Events

If you're hoping to help others and make the world a better place ....
Tzedakah – How We Help
Caring Community
, Social Action Projects, Tikkun Olam

Planning a move to the Roanoke Valley? New to the area? Check out our Roanoke resources.
Our congregants are diverse, and we strive to meet their different needs. Learn more.
Want to join Temple Emanuel? Here's how you can become a member.
Planning a visit? Here's how to find us.
Need more information? Contact us!

Sat, January 29 2022 27 Sh'vat 5782