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Murdered in Church - time to end the cycle!

11/08/2017 02:01:44 PM


Rabbi Kathy Cohen

I am tired of writing about acts of violence in our society. i am tired of writing about protecting the second amendment while simuttaneously enacting saner gun laws. I am tired of mass shootings. I am tired of the people who cannot understand the sacredness of life. I am tired of the political debates and of an NRA funded congress. And I know that it makes no difference that I am tired of these things. I know that my weariness will not change or prevent the next act of mass violence.

I often wonder if we were incapable of acting after the innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary were brutally gunned down, what can drive us as a nation to action? Despite the fact that I am so weary of this continual violence, I will not allow myself to see this as the "new norm". There is nothing normal about this. Last month at a music concert, this month in a church, next month will it be here in our building, in our community, in one of our schools? What will we do then? Will we simply bury the dead, shake our heads and move on?

Please don't accept the standard, ridiculous NRA statement taht guns don't kill people. How many people do you think could have died in Las Vegas without guns, bumper stocks, semi-automatics, massive amount of ammo? Guns do kill people and they have killed all too many people in our country in the last fifteen years. Gun violence in this country is greater than any other country in the civilized world. Yet, we continue to allow politicians to be bought out by the gun lobby and do not hold them accountable for these deaths.

You may choose to view this as a partisan issue but it is not. When the bullets are flying it does not matter what your political, gender or religious orientation is. We are all at rtisk. All of our children are at risk. Our silence is deafening. It ois time for all of us to join hands and demand answers.

Why is the CDC prevented from studying gunviolence? Why are people on the no-fly lost allowed to buy guns? Why do we not require a gun license similar to a driving license that requires tests and renewals? Why are parents not held accountable when a child gets a hold of their gun and hurts or kills himself or another? WHY ARE WE AFRAID TO STAND UP AND DEMAND A SAFER SOCIETY?

Pikuach Nefesh, the saving of a life, is the highest Jewish value. Isn't it time that we got back to our roots?

Sat, October 24 2020 6 Cheshvan 5781