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Committees at Temple Emanuel

Being a part of a committee is a great way to get involved in leadership at Temple Emanuel. Whether it's cooking, technology, or social action, there's a committee at Temple Emanuel for you.




* denotes an un-chaired position
House Committee Chairperson
Prayer Worship and Religious Practices Ed Cornbleet
Prayer Music and Choir Joseph Gallo
Study Education Sharon Stein
Study Young Adults *
Study Library Elyse Crane
Assembly Budget and Finance Andy Goldstein
Assembly Governance Alan Guyes
Assembly Cemetery Wayne McNeil
Assembly Fund Raising *
Assembly Communications Alan Guyes
Assembly Technology *
Assembly House and Grounds Stuart Katz, Tomer Bitton
Assembly Long Range Planning *
Assembly Security Scotty McLaren
Assembly Kitchen Joseph Gallo
People Caring Court Rosen
People Executive Don Stefl
People Membership Larry Bartell
People Sisterhood Wendy Gallo, Marilynn Zejleznjak
People Brotherhood Stuart Katz
People Social Action Drema Yates
People Israeli Affairs *
People Social Courtney Powell
People URJ National Liaison *
People Youth Li-or Britton


Directors, Officers, & Committee Chairs

Director Officer Committee Chair
Sara Beth Katz President Executive Committee
Court Rosen First Vice President Executive Committee, Financial Support, Caring, Sustaining Contributions
Mark Black Second Vice President At Large
Andy Goldstein Treasurer Budget and Finance
Joseph Gallo Secretary Music and Choir, Kitchen
Don Stefl Past President Executive Committee
Wendy Gallo   Sisterhood Co-President
Marilynn Zeljeznjak   Sisterhood Co-President
Stuart Katz   Brotherhood President, House and Grounds
Ed Cornbleet   Worship and Religious Practices
Sharon Stein   Education
Scotty McLaren   Security
Larry Bartell   Membership
Drema Yates   Social Action
John Lichtenstein   At Large, Special Projects
Sam Peppers   SCOTTY President
Bob Trestman   At Large
Avi Greenberg   At Large
Sam Peppers   Ex-Officio


Committee Descriptions

Budget and Finance
Deals with all financial matters of the Congregation; presents the annual budget for the approval of the Board; has complete and final jurisdiction over, and may establish a Financial Support Subcommittee to assist in, the matter of dues of new and old members; and makes recommendations on all other matters of income and expenses of the Congregation. Reviews the financial needs of the Congregation, recommends investments, and presents the fiscal reports to the Board and the Congregation.

Provides mutual help and support networks to congregants facing illness and crises and furthers the models for full inclusion of all Jews—regardless of their sexual orientation, their age, or any disability—in the community.

Responsible for the oversight and management of the cemetery and promulgates rules, procedures, regulations and fee structures related to use of the cemetery.

Publicizes Temple events within and outside the Congregation; creates marketing materials and special campaigns for member recruitment; creates and maintains the Temple website, manages the Temple’s use of social media and oversees the editing and publication of the Temple bulletin.

Establishes and develops educational programs for children and adults for the Congregation and the community in order to foster greater knowledge of the world and the Jewish heritage.  Acts as liaison to the Board for all education related committees, functions, organizations and activities.

Coordinates, administers and enlists the support of the Congregation for all congregational fund-raising efforts including but not limited to planned giving and capital campaign efforts.

Ensures that the Board fulfills its responsibilities and enables the Board to operate appropriately, effectively and efficiently in keeping with its legal and fiduciary obligations. Promotes the development of future leaders of the Congregation and drafts all suggested amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and, as necessary, makes recommendations for changes to the By-Laws.

House And Grounds
Manages the Congregation’s building and grounds; keeps the building and properties of the Congregation in good order and repair; establishes, with the approval of the Board of Directors, rules and regulations for the use of the Congregation’s facilities; and evaluates and determines the appropriateness and acceptability of proposed additions and improvements to the Congregation’s building and properties.

Israeli Affairs
Manages and coordinates all activities of the Congregation with respect to Israeli  affairs.

Oversees the administration, staffing, purchasing and event planning involving the use of the Temple’s kitchen facilities.
Library and Archives
Collects and preserves all available historical information about the Temple  and operates the Temple Library.

Long Range Planning
Evaluates, assesses and plans for future goals, requirements and developments of the Congregation.

Develops activities, programs and procedures for the recruitment, retention, follow-up, orientation and integration of Temple members.

Music and Choir
Works with the clergy and the musical director to oversee the musical content of the Temple programs. Responsible for coordination with the Student Cantor program and supports the director, mission and work of the Temple choir.

Recruits and nominates members to serve as officers and members of the Board of Directors; maintains job descriptions of the responsibilities of each nominated position.

Social Action
Provides social action education and information; facilitates, leads and creates action-oriented opportunities for the Congregation and/or wider community in relationship to the concepts of Tzedakah and "Tikkun Olam" (repairing the world); and keeps current on social action issues of concern to the Reform movement.

Maintains, manages and acquires all technology and information technology of the Congregation, including computer hardware and software, audio visual equipment, communications equipment and building access and security systems. The Technology Committee also provides technical expertise and recommendations on technology related issues to the Board, House, Communications and other committees.

URJ Liaison
Develops strong ties between the Congregation and national institutions of Reform Judaism and promotes liberal Judaism in the world at large.

Worship and Religious Practices
Assists the Rabbi on matters related to the administration of rituals and observance, including, but not limited to, assignment of honors at Sabbath and High Holy Day Services, usher assignments, seating arrangements, Bimah assignments and selection of prayer books and materials.

Young Adults
Provides opportunities for young adults (aged 22–35), both members and prospective members, to connect to the Temple community and to clergy.

Guides and coordinates the activities of the Temple youth of grades 6-12.
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