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List of Funds

Temple Emanuel provides opportunities to contribute to a wide array of funds designated for general and specific Temple or charitable purposes. You can make a donation by mailing a check to Temple Emanuel and letting us know to which of these funds you want to contribute. You can also donate to Temple through our Kroger Bucks program.

Please send your check payable to:

       Temple Emanuel
       1163 Persinger Road S.W.
       Roanoke, VA 24015.

You can designate one or more of the funds listed below and make your contribution in recognition of a specific person or event. Also, if you want the honoree or his/her family to receive an acknowledgment of your contribution, please provide the name and address of the person to whom the Temple Office should mail the acknowledgment.

Here is a current list of funds to which you may designate your contribution:

Broad-Based Funds

  • Building Fund: Provides the financial means for renovations and improvements to the Temple building.
  • Endowment Fund: Still in its infancy, this fund will permit ongoing financial support for the needs of Temple Emanuel as determined from time to time by the Board of Trustees.
  • General Operating Fund: Assists the Temple in meeting its monthly operational obligations.
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: Provides the Rabbi with a source of funds to help those families in need and to support ongoing congregational and community projects.

Tribute/Specific Funds

  • Bea Lapes Library Fund: Purchases materials for our adult library.
  • Bulbin Memorial Fund: Presents an award to the most outstanding student in Grade 2 through Grade 6 of the Shalom School
  • Cemetery Fund: Provides upkeep of the Temple Emanuel Cemetery.
  • Cantorial Fund: Hires a cantorial soloist for the High Holy Day Services and other special services throughout the year.
  • Chorus Fund: Purchases music and other supplies for the Chailites.
  • Interfaith Hospitality Network: Provides meals and temporary housing for those in need at various houses of worship throughout the Roanoke Valley.
  • Leo Platt Adult Educational Fund: Facilitates classes, discussion groups, speakers, and programs to encourage Jewish adult education.
  • Lippmann Jewish Education Fund: Supports projects related to Jewish education.
  • March of the Living Fund: Provides funding for teenagers who participate in the March of the Living Program as part of Holocaust remembrance events during April of each year.
  • Platt Music Fund: Supports projects involving music.
  • Prayer Book Fund: Formerly the Knisely and Rosenberg Prayerbook Funds, this fund helps the congregation purchase prayerbooks for Shabbat and High Holy Day Services.
  • Sig and Harriet Davidson Youth Travel Fund: Assists youth in need of financial aid to participate in regional and national Jewish youth events.
  • Teitlebaum Youth Fund: Assists our youth in attending regional, rational, and international events and Jewish summer camps, and provides funds to employ a Youth Director and Youth Group Advisor.
  • Tina Loebl Children’s Library Fund: Provides books and educational toys for the Children’s Library.
  • Torah Education and Restoration Funds: Promotes Torah study and funds repair of Torah scrolls.
  • Tree and Plant Fund: Purchases landscape materials for the grounds of Temple Emanuel.
  • Tzedakah Fund: Provides monthly charitable support for local, national, and international Jewish and community organizations.
  • Tzedakah Burial Fund: Provides financial assistance to families who cannot afford the full cost of burying a close relative.
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