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The Changes in Our Lives

Jewish traditions provide meaningful ways to acknowledge the happy as well as the difficult events in our lives, from birth to death. When seen through the prism of modern times, ancient traditions can add much significance to birth and baby/child naming, bar/bat mitzvah, marriage, conversion, times when we need spiritual, emotional, or physical healing and end of life decision-making.

Our Rabbi is here to help you with life-cycle ceremonies and rituals relating to:

  • Birth
  • Baby Naming
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah
  • Conversion
  • Marriage
  • Illness
  • End of Life Decision-Making

The addition of a new family member is, indeed, a joy to be shared with family and friends. Our Rabbi can assist you in arranging a meaningful ceremony marking your child's entry into God's covenant with the Jewish people. We invite you to contact us so we can discuss the appropriate ceremony for your family's celebration. For information or scheduling an appointment to speak with our Rabbi about Jewish traditions relating to the birth or adoption of a baby, please contact our Office Administrator at (540) 342-3378. Also, please do let us know when your new family member arrives; we love to share good news with our community!

Upon reaching the age of thirteen, a child becomes an adult in the eyes of the Jewish community and can take part in the obligations that come accompany becoming part of the community. So that Jewish teenagers can mark this special transition to Jewish adulthood, Temple Emanuel provides opportunities for them to learn about and embrace their tradition by learning how to read/chant from the Torah and Haftarah (Jewish sacred texts) and assisting in leading the congregation in worship.

For questions and more detailed information regarding our B'nei Mitzvah program, please contact our Office Administrator at (540) 342-3378.

We know that taking the step of contacting The Temple to express interest in conversion is a major one, and many people fear being rejected by the congregation or the clergy. Please know that you are welcome here, and we hope that by reading the information below, you will feel comfortable contacting us with questions and to discuss your journey.

We wish that we could tell you exactly what you have in store as you walk the rest of the steps on the path to becoming a Jew, but honestly, we do not know. We are taught that there are seventy faces to the Torah; one way to understand this saying is that there are multiple paths that will lead to Judaism. Everyone’s path is unique. We want to make your journey as easy as possible, however, and so we are available to help you along the way.

The joining of two people in marriage is one of the most celebrated special events two families can share. Our Rabbi is available to perform weddings for individuals wishing to formalize their commitment in a Jewish wedding ceremony. Our Rabbi will meet with the couple before the ceremony date to discuss the couple's future life together and to work together with them to arrange a special and meaningful ceremony.

Our Rabbi will perform interfaith weddings, although requirements for performing them must be discussed in advance with each couple. Weddings can be scheduled at Temple Emanuel or at other appropriate venues before Shabbat begins, after Shabbat ends, or on days other than High Holy Days/Festivals. For information regarding having our Rabbi perform your wedding, please contact our Office Administrator at (540) 342-3378.

The presence of a spiritual community, which will reach out to those in need of spiritual, emotional, or physical healing, is vitally important to the well being of Temple Emanuel. Both our Rabbi and members of our Caring community perform the mitzvah (commandment) of visiting the sick in both hospitals and at home.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to changes in medical privacy laws, hospitals and medical care providers are no longer permitted to notify religious institutions when their members receive medical services. Unfortunately, many people assume that Temple Emanuel and our Rabbi know when someone is sick, but no one has informed us. Therefore, we strongly urge you to notify our Office Administrator at (540) 342-3378, if you learn that one of our members is sick, or if you would like someone from Temple Emanuel to call or visit your loved one.

It is reasonable that many people have questions about Jewish tradition and ritual practice as the end of life approaches or as a family suffers a loss. Consequently, our Rabbi is here to assist you privately with end-of-life decision-making from a Jewish perspective and to help you otherwise in time of need. To reach our Rabbi to discuss end-of-life decision-making or funeral arrangements, please contact our Office Administrator at (540) 342-3378. Our Rabbi will perform funerals as well as provide spiritual counseling preceding and following a loved one's passing if requested. Additionally, our Rabbi can arrange for shiva minyanim (services in your home following burial) should you choose. Finally, an additional benefit of membership is that Temple Emanuel members can purchase burial plots at Temple Emanuel’s Cemetery.

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