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Kroger Bucks: Our Effortless Fundraising Program

Thanks to everyone who has been using their Kroger Gift Card when they shop for groceries. If you haven't begun using your card yet, today is a great day to start. It's virtually effortless. Just do what you do now, purchase groceries.


  • The card must be issued by the Temple for the Temple to get credit. Kroger Bucks Gift Cards are available at the Temple Office on weekdays.
  • Each card comes preloaded with $5. It can be used to purchase almost any item at Kroger: food and sundries, prescription medicines, Passover items . . .
  • You use the card just like you would use a debit card. You load more money on your card at the Kroger using cash, check, or personal miles/points/rewards credit card. You can load a month's or a week's worth of money at a time, or load it before every purchase. The amount remaining on the card is printed on your receipt.
  • Use of the Kroger Bucks Gift Card presents no privacy concerns because the Temple has no knowledge of what, when, why, or who is buying anything. Only that someone loaded money on a card -- not whether it is spent.
  • A loaded card is a great way to send someone else to pick things up for you, with no worries of credit card or banking problems. Plus, the cards make great gifts as well as useful "thank you" cards. A loaded card is also a great way to help your college student with food expenses while benefiting the Temple.

Don't do all of your shopping at Kroger?
That's fine! Just use the card when you shop at Kroger, whether it is once a week or once a month.

According to the US Census Bureau, the average American family spends $70 a week on food at grocery stores. This does not include expenses for other household goods also purchased at markets such as soap, paper products, and medicines. Kroger will donate 5% of the money loaded on Temple-issued Kroger Bucks Gift Cards back to the Temple. With every family in the congregation fully participating in the program, the Temple can realize over $50,000 a year from food purchases alone, at no cost to our members. Thank you for helping to support our Temple!!!

Mon, June 24 2024 18 Sivan 5784